Sponsor an Animal

- A monthly or yearly donation paid the first of the month that goes entirely to the husbandry, nutrition, and enrichment of the animal of your sponsoring. - You’ll be consulted about vet appointments in the case of illness or injury, and should you want to, can help with the charges (though it is not required.) - You and 1 other person can visit your animal in person up to 4 times a year. We do require 3 weeks notice to schedule a visit.  - Want to send them toys or things not on our Wishlist? You can! We’ll provide tons of video of them enjoying your gifts. - Should you wish to be, you’ll be tagged in every post containing your sponsored animal. 
Monthly Sponsor Fees are as follows:Opossum (1): $40 Fox (8): $80Goat (2): $40Mink: $60African Crested Porcupine: $80Patagonian Cavy (2) : $40Skunk (3): $40Raccoons (4): $80Cat (14): $20Pig: $40Capybara (2): $80 Lemur: $80
Want to become a co sponsor? 
Co-sponsoring an animal is half the cost of being a primary sponsor.